The CldUploadButton creates a button element that uses an instance of the Cloudinary Upload Widget to give you an easy way to add upload capabilities to your Nuxt app.

The CldUploadButton component wraps the CldUploadWidget component providing a pre-defined UI (a button). The same concepts apply, including having the option of using Signed or Unsigned uploads.

Basic Usage

<CldUploadButton uploadPreset="<Upload Preset>">Upload</CldUploadButton>



CldUploadButton inherits all of the props associated with the CldUploadWidget component including callback functions except for the children option.

In addition, the following props are available:

Prop NameTypeExample
onClickfunctionfunction (event) { }

children are rendered "as is" inside of the <button> element if provided, otherwise, the button will include a label of "Upload".

The remaining props are spread onto the <button> element for full control of the UI.