The CldOgImage give you the ability to use the same CldImage API to easily generate Open Graph images (or social cards) inside of Nuxt.

Basic Usage

The basic required prop is src:

CldOgImage does not render an <img> tag, meaning it can't be visually embedded on a page. To see the output, please check out the raw HTML of your website

The resulting HTML will be applied to the Head of the document:

<meta content=",w_2400,h_1254,g_center/c_scale,w_1200/f_jpg/q_auto/cld-sample-2?_a=BBDAACAD0" property="og:image">
<meta content=",w_2400,h_1254,g_center/c_scale,w_1200/f_jpg/q_auto/cld-sample-2?_a=BBDAACAD0" property="og:image:secure_url">
<meta content="1200" property="og:image:width">
<meta content="627" property="og:image:height">
<meta content=" " property="twitter:title" />
<meta content="summary_large_image" property="twitter:card">
<meta content=",w_2400,h_1254,g_center/c_scale,w_1200/f_webp/q_auto/cld-sample-2?_a=BBDAACAD0" property="twitter:image">

You can further take advantage of Cloudinary features like background removal and overlays by adding additional props. The CldOgImage component uses the same API as CldImage, meaning you can use the same transformations and effects.